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We work with over 50 Local Authorities to design and develop programmes to meet their needs
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The NCE works collaboratively with Local Authorities to identify their needs and address them through tailored apprenticeships. We do this by conducting a thorough needs assessment to identify key skills gaps and organisational priorities. We then involve LAs in the  planning phase, ensuring that our apprenticeship programs align with the strategic goals of the LA. As part of the programme we conduct regular consultations with learners and their managers to help fine-tune the curriculum, making it a targeted and effective solution for the development of staff across the LA.


NCE provides flexible delivery and in-person support
To enhance accessibility and convenience for employees within a particular Local Authority, the NCE can offer flexible delivery models for our leadership and management apprenticeships. This includes a combination of online modules, face-to-face learning days, and in person support. Collaborating with Local Authorities throughout the process helps us to understand the unique scheduling constraints and preferences within the each part of the LA. Your PLM will then tailor delivery methods to accommodate work commitments and organisational needs, apprenticeship programs become more adaptable and attractive to a diverse range of staff members, fostering greater participation and success in across the LA workforce.


NCE Integrates with existing training and development
The NCE can align their leadership and management apprenticeships with existing training initiatives facilitated by Local Authorities. As we integrate apprenticeship programs into broader workforce development strategies, the NCE can leverage existing resources and networks. This collaboration ensures that leadership development is part of a cohesive and comprehensive approach to building the capacity of staff within the Local Authority. As we do this we hope to create a seamless experience for both the apprentice and the LA, maximizing the impact of leadership and management training.

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